Frequently asked questions

If this is the first time you've received a Duty/Tax Invoice from DHL Express you may need a few questions answered. We hope this section provides all the information you require, but if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.
I've paid for a door to door service. Why do I have to pay additional charges?
What you have paid covers the collection, transport, and delivery of your shipment. However it does not cover duties, VAT and clearance charges. Any non-document shipment is subject to duties and VAT based on the CIF (cost of goods, insurance and freight) value of the contents.
I thought the price I paid included all charges. Why wasn't I told about the additional charges?
We apologize if you were not informed when you were making arrangments with the origin however this is standard practise in our industry.
Why is the assessed value on the DHL invoice different than the value on the airwaybill and shipment invoice?
Lebanese Customs reserve the right to re-assess shipment values and do so regularly. Customs duties / VAT clearance are based on the re-assessed value.
The goods I've received are a gift or a sample. Why do I have to pay Duty/VAT?
Lebanese Customs regulations allow an exemption on customs duties for shipments up to a value of LBP 200,000. However customs determines whether or not a shipment is eligible for exemption. Whether exempted or not DHL will charge for clearance.
I do not want to receive my shipment as I do not need it and or I did not request it. Please send it back and do not charge me the duties, VAT, and clearance.
DHL pays all duties in advance and cannot request a refund from customs even if the shipment is returned to the origin. Unfortunatley you will have to pay the charges.
What happens if the sender wants to pay the Duty/VAT?
DHL provides the option for the sender to pay the duties and VAT if requested at time of dispatch.
What is the Clearance Charge?
An administrative charge applied to any import for which DHL advances duties, or regulatory charges on behalf of receivers.
What will happen if I do not pay in advance?
You will be requested to pay when the courier arrives to deliver or when you collect from one of our locations. By notifying you of an incoming shipment and associated charges we hope to help you better prepare and avoid delays in delivery.
What happens if I do not pay?
If you do not pay in advance or upon delivery the shipment will remain with DHL.
What payment methods are available?
  1. You may pay online using the link you received in our SMS or email. This is the best and fastest method of payment.
  2. Or you may pay by cash or check when the courier delivers your shipment. However, note that it is preferable that you pay by check and not in cash.
  3. Or you may pay at a DHL Service Point when you collect your shipment. Again a check is preferable.

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For Lebanon Customs general information please check the Lebanon Customs website, where information on import regulations is available.