Frequently asked questions

If this is the first time you've received a Duty/Tax Invoice from DHL Express you may need a few questions answered. We hope this section provides all the information you require, but if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.


  • STEP 1: Once your shipment is ready for delivery, you will receive an SMS or email notification
  • STEP 2: Simply click on the link in the received SMS or email
  • STEP 3: You should now be directed to the new DHL Duties & Taxes payment website.
  • STEP 4: Simply complete all the required information and online payment
  • STEP 5. Sit back, relax and have peace of mind knowing that your shipment will be delivered promptly
I've purchased goods over the internet. Why do I have to pay additional charges?
Imported goods valued at over QAR 3000.00,(Non Commercial) inclusive of Cost, Insurance and Freight (the “CIF” value) and any applicable duties, will require formal customs entry and are subject to 5% Customs Duties + Legalization charges + Bayan Fees + Disbursement fees (as applicable at time of clearance).
I thought the price I paid included all charges. Why wasn't I told about the additional charges?
Internet and catalogue retailers usually include advice regarding the likelihood of import duty and tax in their shipping information pages. Please check the retailer’s shipping notes, terms and conditions of your purchase, or contact the retailer directly.
What about GST relief?
GST / VAT is not applicable in Qatar at the moment.
The goods I've received are a gift or a sample. Why do I have to pay Duty/Tax?
Unfortunately, there's no duty/tax concession for gifts or samples.
The goods aren't what I expected. Can I return them and get a refund of the Duty/Tax paid?
Unfortunately change of mind, fit, or disappointment/dissatisfaction is not a justifiable refund condition under the Qatar Customs legislation.
However, if you export the imported goods (return them to the shipper), subject to certain conditions, you may be entitled to a refund of any duty paid.
What happens if the sender wants to pay the duty/tax?
The sender has the option of paying destination duty/tax. If this wasn’t done then you’ve been invoiced for the Duties and Taxes.
What is the Advance Payment Fee?
An administrative charge (Advance Payment Fee) is applied to any import for which DHL advances duties, or regulatory charges on behalf of receivers with whom DHL has no contractual business relation (e.g. private consumers). DHL assumes the financial risk of non-repayment, and the charge is applied based on the credit advanced, subject to a standard minimum.
How is the Advance Payment Fee calculated?
Minimum QAR 120.00 or 2% of total customs duties (whichever higher).
What are the available payment methods?
  1. You may pay online using the link you received in our SMS or email. This is the best and fastest method of payment.
  2. Or you may pay at a DHL Service Point when you collect your shipment. This option is also available via the link in our SMS or email.
  3. Or you may pay by cash or check when the courier delivers your shipment. However, note that personal checks are not accepted by DHL.

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